This past summer was one of the most productive summers of my life. I went into the studio with my drummer Kenny Truhn and worked with producer Barb Morrison and enginer Jonathan Jetter for 10 days. This record is unlike anything I've ever done before. It still has my soul and my style but it's finally a record of mine that is produced in the right way. I'm excited to bring this record to you. It has songs from all different genres, ranging from the pop punk spirit to country to folk to rap. It also has two cover songs, Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson rearranged and played on the acoustic guitar and Round Here by the Counting Crows rearranged and played on the piano. At least two music videos will come out with the release of the record. One is for a song that I previously released as an acoustic demo titled Bedroom Eyes. We spent a day, all day, in January filming Bedroom Eyes. It's the most professional video that I have ever made and I can't wait for everyone to see it on March 15th, 2016 when the record finally comes out. There will be other videos too, I promise.

You can pre-order SHINE and other Shine merchandise through my kickstarter campaign page. This also helps me to recoup a little bit of the money that it cost to do the album cover photo shoot, make album artwork, press the record for physical copies, and make the music videos. A lot goes into making a record and I need as much help as possible to bring this project to life!

Here is the link to back my project:

You can pre-order the record this way and have a copy to hold in your hands. <3

Thank you so much for all of the support so far. We have reached the goal of $500 (the price it costs to make one music video) and we are reaching for $1000 now which will cover half the cost of pressing the record to physical copies. I can't wait for you to hear it!!!! Please share the campaign with your friends and family and stay tuned. March 15th is coming.

Ryan Cassata