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The Impact of Daughter: Community Responses

The Impact of Daughter: Community Responses

Since coming out publicly in his teens, Ryan Cassata has been a voice for the ethical protections of trans youth, actively challenging the status quo of the standard trans narrative. In his new song, “Daughter”, Ryan again shows us that being trans is an individualized story.

I got my first writeup in Billboard Magazine

After turning American Idol down for transgender exploitation the press came at me in a way I never have experienced before. Most of it was a really positive experience. I was in the car with my mom on the way to the recording studio when I got the call. My mom said "Who is it?" I said "It's Billboard." I was as shocked and excited as my mom was. Thank you, Billboard!!!! 

You can read the writeup here: 'American Idol' Accused of Exploiting Transgender Singer: 'Every Show is Trying to Get a Trans Person.'